Alarm Systems

Our Recommended Alarm System : Risco Agility 3

The most alarming thing is how far we have come

When it comes to alarm systems, whether safety or security based, we think you will be surprised by the changes taking place.

By utilising Risco’s incredibly customisable Agility 3 System, JK Alarms are able to secure your property from fire and theft with a vast range of solutions based around a single, simple wireless panel.

From a small private residence to large commercial or industrial premises, this two way wireless system offers everything you need to feel secure and protected.

And, as with all of our installations, the Agility 3 system is covered by the Security Alarms and Inspection Board (SSAIB).  Meaning that not only are your premises, valuables and love ones protected, your insurance cover is too!

More than just bells and whistles

So, what can you expect from a JK Alarms installation?

Dual Alarm PIR with in-build camera

The PIR is Risco’s “revolutionary” live picture and verification system.  By matching the very latest in miniature infa-red camera technology, to the very latest in remote wireless security systems, PIR provides unheard of levels of picture monitoring all powered by the Risco Cloud.

So wherever you are in the world, you can see exactly what is happening at home or work at the touch of single Android or iPhone button.

These represent just a very few of the highly customisable elements available when you choose one of the safety and security alarm and monitoring systems available through JK Alarms.


Two Way Wireless Keypad

With a fully integrated proximity sensor the Agility 2-way wireless keypad is simple to use and supports installer programming, meaning that every system can be designed to meet your own, very specific needs.

And that’s not all.  They keypad comes in two stylish designs, including a slim line and cost effective edition which can be supplied for both indoor and outdoor use.


Handheld and Programmable

A four channel wireless 868MHz Keyfob transmitter means that life just got even simpler! 

With four buttons, each representing a different channel, you can control and zone at any time.  So, whether sunning yourself on a beach in Florida or on a flight to Frankfurt you can input a response from anywhere in the world.


Pet Friendly : iWave DT

Pet’s at home? We’ve got it covered.

The iWave system addition offers even more peace of mind. This unobtrusive 15 metre dual technology (DT) detector provides zone immunity for pets are guard dogs up 36kg, making it ideal for homes and offices, as well as small commercial premises.

wireless entry

Wireless Entry Alerting

Doors and Windows are Safe and Sound too!

The RWT721 is a wireless and fully supervised door and window contact transmitter with anti sabotage protection.


As we say at JK Alarms: Peace of mind priceless

Find out more about our recommended Risco Agility 3 Alarm System, watch the video below…